Session: Urban Planning and the Pursuit of Happiness (Renaissance-present)

Homeland protection (Heimatschutz) in Vienna around 1900 or The imagination of the city between preserving and reshaping

Session: Urban Planning and the Pursuit of Happiness (Renaissance-present)

Horizons nouveaux : représenter les pratiques idéales dans une cité moderne. Firminy-Vert 1959

Does urban life make farmers happy? The central settlements of collective farms in the Estonian SSR

“Our great contribution to the work of building a better tomorrow, a better, happier world” : visions of a new Warsaw after the second world war

“Now is it clear to me, that window and socialism are not in opposition”: happiness living in a new town of a new society

The happy gardeners. Origins and social function of allotment gardens in Germany

“”Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Liberalism and the image of the city in German planning theory around 1870

The changing pattern of urban form in relation to the perception of happiness in Georgian Birmingham

A 365-days-a-year Holiday’ on the Outskirts of Rome. Urban Form, Lifestyles and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Suburb of Casalpalocco