Session: Urban action groups in the 20th century

Glasgow’s Community Based Housing Associations: More accident than design

Session: Urban action groups in the 20th century

Urban activism and heritage care. Case-study of the Antwerp Zurenborg district

Park fiction’ – the success of a persistent and creative urban action group in hamburg

The concrete obduracy of Hoog Catharijne. The tensions between local politicians, a private developer and citizens 1963-1973

“We earnestly pray that it may be preserved.” A British petition to save the Kapellbruecke in Lucerne, Switzerland, 1899

From domesticity to urbanity: building a demand for public services. The role of the Italian Women’s Association (UDI), 1950s-60s

Claiming les halles: urban identity, transformation, and resistance

The Museum of Modern Art in Brussels: How 20 years of urban activism can fail