Session: The Social Position of Women in Towns

Aspects de la femme noble à Venise à la fine du XVe siècle et au début du XVI siècle

Session: The Social Position of Women in Towns

The Other Half of the Town. Women in Private, Professional and Public Life in Towns of Medieval Western Hungary

The Role of Women in the Survival of Poor Families in the Seventeenth Century

Trinkgewohnheiten von Frauen am Vorabend der Industriellen Revolution: Das Beispiel Manchester

Professional Opportunities for Middle-Class Women in Paris: Lay Schoolmistresses from 1820-1900

Social Position of Women in Hungarian Heavy Industrial Towns in the 1950s

Weibliche ‘Unsittlichkeit’ und Kommunale Politik in Wien und Budapest: 1860er bis 1920er Jahre

Hidden Agendas in Health Care. Women and Public Health in Birmingham and Gothenburg, c. 1900-1940

Women’s Fight for Food: A Gendered View of Hunger, Hoarding, and Blackmarketing in Vienna after WW II