Session: The Lure of the City 1400-1900

Human mobility and public politics during periods of decline: French immigrants in Aragonese Towns (1635-1702)

Session: The Lure of the City 1400-1900

The city as “factory of elites” in northwestern Spain during the passage from medieval to early modern times: the case of Oviedo

The lure of Rome. Building yards, immigration and public debt (16th-17th c.)

L’attrait fiscal de Lyon (17e-18e): drainage des élites régionales et géostratégies familiales

Darkness on the edge of town. Life stories of proto-industrialists in the 16th century

Seigniorial apparatus as an urban pole of attraction. The county of Luna (León) at the end of the middle ages

See you in court! The role of the local and the central courts as mercantile contract enforcers in sixteenth-century Antwerp