Session: The Industrial and modern city

Extroversion and urban illustration: planning and urban design in Athens urban growth

Session: The Industrial and modern city

Transformations et constructions dans la ville de Sao Paolo au passage du XIXe au XXe siecle, le role du petit commerce

The re-use of post-industrial space and waterfront development: the case of the stone loft in Piraeus

Saturating the surface: cultural reflections on Italian modernist architecture

Demolition, preservation and the transformation of the past – Berlin’s historic tenement buildings between 1955 and 1990

The rise of the multi-cultural metropolis

Transformations of sociability: a comparison of social practices in 20th century Helsinki and Bolton

Representations, perceptions and appropriations of urban space in Kleinbasel

Drinking in public spaces in St. Petersburg/Leningrad and Helsinki 1917-1940: a comparitive study

Athenes au XIXe siecle: de la bourgade a la capitale

Social-mindedness and aesthetics: Municipal housing in Budapest and Vienna in the early 20th century