Session: The Decline of Industrial Cities

Urban industrial communities in transition, 1946-2001: A comparative study of the roles and economic strategies of local authorities and councils

Session: The Decline of Industrial Cities

The decline of industrial cities: The case of Bytom

Bulgarian Cities Today: The aftermath of an industrial era that happened behind the iron curtain

Rise and fall of a British iron city in the late 19th century

Urban history of the Stalinist company towns in Ural and Siberia

The rise and fall of industrial activity of city of Piraeus

Genteel Decline, Hesitant Regeneration: A peripheral industrial city and its reactions to windfall wealth

Die Stadtschrumpfung in Ostdeutschland: Die `perforierte Stadt` als städtebauliches Leitbild des postindustriellen Zeitalters?

Industries Lost, Identities Recovered: Inner City Industrial Areas as the Motors for Continuity and Change