Session: Between Cities and Urban Areas: What Scale for Cities’ History?

The ‘Prevailing Wind': Urban Regions and Germany’s ‘Great Reform’ of 1929

Session: Between Cities and Urban Areas: What Scale for Cities' History?

Socialist New Towns and their Hinterlands

The Social Hinterlands of Washington D.C.: A Regional Framework for City History

Montreal’s Archipelago: Framing the History of a City Region

Being in the Middle: Historical Development of the Semi-Peripheral Region North of San Francisco, California, 1850-1910

Merchant’s Credit, Spatial Differenciation and Town-Country Relations in the Three-Rivers’ District During the Last Decades of the 19th Century

Centre or Nexus: Berlin’s New Politics of Belonging

Re-creating urban hinterlands: Mannheim; The fall and rise of a peripheral centre, 1778-1933

Les districts métropolitains de la fin du XIXe siècle: L’exemple de Boston et du Massachusetts

Frontières, échelles, mots et acteurs : l’histoire urbaine au-delà de l’histoire matérielle?