Session: Aspects of Urban History: Modern Times

Discipline, death and disease: The experience of the Tuberculosis patient, 1900-1974

Session: Aspects of Urban History: Modern Times

The urban history of a national conflict: Haifa during the British mandate

Political reasons and aesthetic solutions for urban crises in the age of Imperialism: the greater Berlin competition 1910

Civitas et Urbs: The idea of the ancient city and the concept of modern urbanisation

Italia ’61: Urban and political strategies during Italy’s boom years

The involvement of museums in the urban setting

Etat d’urgence: villes et catastrophes (fires in Paris)

Bulgarian modern town planning at the crossroad of Eastern and Western avant garde

L’interconnexion dans le réseau des villes francaises: le role de la taille des villes, de l’économie urbaine et des politiques municipales dans la mise en place des super-réseaux électriques avant 1946

Creating images and constructing identities. The symbolic use of old buildings in Berlin East and West, 1961-1989

Reciprocal rewards: British poor law nursing and the campaign for state registration

Scottish archive of print and publishing history records (SAPPHIRE): progress and findings

Firefighting and power conflicts: the organisation of firefighting in Rotterdam in a comparative perspective (1850-1970)

Le processus décisionel par rapport à l’organisation de l’espace et à la construction de Turin (‘Ville Industrielle’) au début de XXe siècle

La vie culturelle à Bordeaux de 1945 à 1975

L’Augagneurisme ou l’expérience du socialisme municipal à Lyon (1900-1905)

Voluntary Hospitals in British Cities: The Nature and Causes of Uneven Provision, 1871-1944

Public Health Provision in Greece: The Case of Syros and Chios in the 19th Century

Urban Politics and Institutions of Economic Development: The Ruhr-Valley and the West-Midlands in Comparison, 19th-20th Century

The Urbanisation of Infrastructure: An Interpretative Design Model

The Transformation of the East European Cities: Main Trends

Colonialism and Urban Transformation. The Role of the British Military Engineers on the Development of Corfu During the Protectorate 1814-1864

At the Crossroads of Urban and Housing Reform: The International Federation for Housing and Town Planning and its Congresses (1913-1948)

The Changing Face of Urban Governance: Wolverhampton 1848-1889

Imperial Planning in Quaker Philadelphia in the 1960s: The Case of Independence Mail

Hamburg as a Media Metropolis

Sleaze, Scandals, and City Politics in the Late Nineteenth Century

South African Municipalities, Segregation and Apartheid, the Leaders or the Led?

Anciens et modernes dans l’administration municipale: analyse comparée des services techniques et des services d’urbanisme

Les ingénieurs municipaux à Rome 1870-1925

Social Norms and Urban Forms: The Regulation of the City and the Shaping of Municipal Space in Late Nineteenth Century Barcelona

Social Factors in Urban Environmental Policies: The Case of the First Modern Waste Management Program in Paris, France

Making Homes by Machine: Decision Making Processes and the Diffusion of Non-Traditional Housing in Britain 1942-1954